Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mortgage Relief in Grief!

It's extremely important to use some of the TARP funds to bring mortgage relief to those homeowners in distress and facing foreclosure. Some ways of bringing relief are attempts to reduce the homeowners' current mortgage payment to one that they can afford. There are several ways to accomplish this goal. The government may offer new loans or modified loans with a very low fixed rate interest. They may extend the term of the loan to up to 40 years. They have also mentioned reducing the homeowners' principal balance. Now this is where I must draw the line unless that reduction in principal is required to be repaid upon transfer of the property. Just think about this example: You have difficulty paying your mortgage for any number of legitimate reasons, whatever they may be. Your neighbor is lucky and still has his job and is able to continue paying his mortgage as agreed. If the government reduces your loan balance by $25,000 or so, what is to keep you from selling your home for $25,000 less and thus, negatively effecting the value of your neighbor's home?? Furthermore, a reduction in interest rate has a far greater impact on decreasing the monthly payment in comparison to a reduction in principal balance. Let me know your opinion!

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